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I am a Conservative-Liberal | Republicans and Democrats are actually the same party, here's why I'm a #ChristianLibertarian

This may come as a surprise to some... but there have not always been just these two political parties... and it may be time for a new third party to rise.

The Majority View of American Politics

In the USA, there are currently two major political parties; Republicans and Democrats. These are not required by law, they are just the result of people's voting habits over time. Any third party could rise to power (as has happened a few times in US History) when people decide the existing parties are not cutting it anymore.

When most people view politics in the United States of America (USA)(American Politics), they see two extremes labeled Left and Right. The person who is neither firmly Left "Liberal" or Right "Conservative" is usually called a Moderate.

"Moderates" or "Independents" are the majority of the US, have views that differ from both parties, but have little say in the primary season. So they are stuck voting for "the lesser of two evils".

*You may or may not know, that there have been several major political parties since our founding over 200 years ago. 

The Majority View of Libertarian Politics

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about a third party: "The Libertarian Party". The word Libertarian invokes the name Ron Paul for most Americans. They are known and advertise themselves as "Social Liberal and Fiscally Conservative".

This leads people to believe that the Libertarian is the Moderate Choice, but most don't vote for them because they don't want whichever Evil they fear elected. So rather than vote for someone closer to their values, they vote against the Majority Party person they like the least.

What if I told you that Democrats and Republicans are the same Party?

They both (in practice) create big government and try to control your life. Big Government, in any form, is Big Government. Whether they are trying to control your money, your rights, or your bedroom, they are still trying to control you.

The Libertarian Party operates on a simple idea called the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP).
The NAP says: You don't cause me harm (either to my body or property) and I won't cause you harm (either to your body or property). Beyond that, we are free to do/be whatever we decide to do/be. 
This is the principal reason The United States of America (USA) was founded. The people were rejecting a government that tried to control them and tell them what they could or could not do, be, worship, etc.

Imagine a world in which a Christian will side with a Gay Married Couple and vote for the same party.

For Christians, Liberty is an even bigger issue. If God didn't want people to have Free Will, he would not have put an option in the garden. God gave all humans a choice to have a relationship with him, or not.

  • You should have the right to discuss ideas, debate positions, and argue differences in the open. You should have the right to win friends, and influence people as you are able.
  • You have no right to try to force a relationship with God on someone else or force them to choose your way. Likewise, you have no right to force someone to participate in something they don't agree with. You have no right to use the Government to do it.

The fact that Christians sided with so-called Conservative-Republicans to force their way onto the rest of society, has been the chief contributor to creating a bigger government with the ability to control people.

After years of being controlled, the "other" has taken that control and turned it on you. Now the baker can't refuse to do a wedding cake for a gay wedding. Institutions all over the country are being "forced" by the government to take actions contrary to their personal beliefs. Why? Did "the other" cause this? No. The Church caused this, and the "other" took advantage of it for their purposes.

The only proper political position for a Christian is one that allows people the freedom to do/be what they wish, and associate with who they wish. This is the freedom that God gave you. You chose Him, you can't make someone else chose Him.

This freedom allows Gays to marry and Christians to congregate in churches. You can't have one freedom without the other. Take theirs away, and they'll come back and take yours...
oh wait... that's already started.

You may be a Liberal-Conservative, you just don't know it yet.

Fascism (Donald Trump) is commonly mistakenly put out as a "far right" ideology, as though it were opposite of Socialism /Marxism (Hillary Clinton). But that is a false dichotomy, the truth is they are both far to the same side.

The "Liberal" Left

  • Socialism /Marxism (Hillary Clinton) advocates for The Collective, "It takes a village to raise a child". 
  • Socialism believes that society must regard the whole, not the individual. Each person should contribute according to his ability, and each person should receive according to his need. 
  • How do we prevent a person from taking more than they need, or force a person to work to their ability? By taking away free will and free markets, and putting them into The State's control. Only without any private ownership, can society be saved from selfishness... and it's The States' job to enforce that benefit on everyone. 
  • Who is The State? Powerful elites that know how to run your life better than you.
  • Result: Government Controls You

The Conservative? Right?

  • Fascism (Donald Trump) advocates for a strong totalitarian government, people live and die for The State. They promote National identity over individual identity. 
  • The Fascist does not want individuals to control, nor the people, but only The State. It fears The People, both individually and collectively. It is against Capitalism (because it favors the individual) and Socialism (because it gives the people too much). 
  • Only The State can make decisions that are good for The State. People earn profit so long as they are productive, but The State becomes manager and leader of all business and industry. 
  • For the Fascist, the individual is bad, the Nation comes first. "Build a wall" it cries. "Make The State Great Again" it cries. 
  • Freedom, Liberty, Self-Ownership are rejected in place of Duty, Discipline, Law, Order, Loyalty to The State. 
  • Fascist economic ideology supports the profit motivation but says that businesses must focus on the interest of The State as superior to private profit.
  • Result: Government Controls You

The Conservative-Liberal Libertarian View

  • Classical Liberals (Libertarians) advocate for the Individual above the collective and state. 
  • The individual is free to seek the highest paying work, companies are free to pay whatever they need to pay in order to get the best workers (be that high or low). 
  • Free Markets put bad businesses out of business, and ensure only products that people want are made, and sold at prices they people will pay. 
  • The Classical Liberal is for small government. Government should protect the people from harming other people (body or property), protect the people from invaders (foreign and domestic), provide a few very basic services to society (roads, fairness standards between parties, laws to serve the prior mentioned purposes).
  • The State may institute minimum taxes to pay for only these functions, and stay out of the way for the rest of the time.
  • Result: You Control You - Unless you try to hurt me.

So if you look at my personal views, you could say that I'm a conservative by most common definitions. I believe:

  • Smoking, Drinking, and any form of drug is bad for your helth; therefore, I abstain from those behaviors.
  • I believe in One Man - One Woman - For Life as the ultimate goal of a happy society, and that any alteration from that pattern is unhealthy. 
    • I'm not against divorce and remarriage entirely, I've been divorced and remarried, but I'm saying it's not the best and first plan. It should not be taken lightly.
  • I don't believe that Gay Marriage is marriage at all, biblically. God is created man and woman to be different. The pairing of the two creates a oneness (a brining together of two each missing something) that does not exist between two same sex individuals, regardless of your desires.
    • But my Gay friends are welcome to establish whatever benefits legally and societally they want, and call it what they want. It is a free society.
  • I believe that a school without a bible is no school at all. Therefore, I take my freedom in this country to homeschool or use private school or choose some other option.
    • The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight. Proverbs 9:10
  • Etc, Etc...

So I guess I'm Conservative (personally) and a Classical Liberal (politically)... 

Confession: "My name is Darrell, and I am a Conservative-Liberal"

In 2016 I'm voting for Gary Johnson, Libertarian for President. Are #YouIn?

Darrell G. Wolfe

Story Teller | INFJ | Futuristic | Intellection | Learner | Ideation | Achiever | Command | Input | Focus | Multipotentialite

***Note on Abortion:: It's true, Gary Johnson is "Pro-Choice". Here's why that doesn't worry me for now.

  • Gary Johnson doesn't want to expand or contract existing laws. He's not for 9-month abortions, he simply supports the existing "viability" clause. He's also open to science showing "viability" earlier than the current 
  • Not all Libertarians are Pro-Choice. In fact, the party is sharply divided down the middle. I'll take a small government candidate that won't push the Abortion needle either way, over a large government candidate that "says" he's pro-life, but has demonstrated an impressive ability to lie for votes.
  • Libertarian's primary view is the NAP. Anyone holding the NAP legitimately has to eventually defend the infant's rights not be violated. 
  • I'll take this party long term.The more popular Gary Johsnon makes this party, the more likely other voices (like Austen Petersen)(A runner-up Libertarian Presidential Candidate) will be heard too.

Austin Petersen in studio on the Glenn Beck Show

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